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When choosing a vacation destination, it can often be a daunting task. So many websites, posts, personal opinions, blogs and misinformation are presented to potential travelers. Getting stuck in a “packaged” vacation can be a disappointment. With Choose Belize we consolidate the very best properties and highest quality excursions that Belize has to offer. You can mix and match any of our properties or excursions based on what you want your vacation to look like. We vet each of our properties based on safety, property amenities, culinary quality, excursion offerings, privacy, and staff professionalism. Simply put, if they don’t meet the standards, they are not part of our offerings. Our service is free to you and unbiased, period.

At Choose Belize we do things differently. Choose your favourite activities and we will match your place of stay.

We only offer highly personalized holidays. First, we find out what YOU want. Understanding you, and who you are travelling with is fundamental to help you choose the perfect vacation for you and your companions. We address your likes and dislikes, be it a preference for an intimate boutique style hotel or an all-inclusive resort, fine dining or authentic local fresh fish on the beach. Jungle, beach, or private island, it is your choice. Choose our customized vacations option and experience the best of everything Belize. You choose.

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A Choose Belize representative will be available 24/7 via text, telephone, WhatsApp and email.

An off the rack suit or dress might fit you, but no matter how well manufactured it is, a custom-tailored version is going to fit you even better. The same is true with travel. Choose Belize offers complete customized, bespoke trips. All with a personal concierge service.

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Become a Choose Belize member and you will benefit from free information about everything Belize! This includes tours, restaurants, bars, internal travel, travel insurance options, Belize airport entry requirements, Belize Covid health and safety protocols, real estate, festivals and events and much more. It’s free, join now!!

All of our recommendations are hand-picked and vetted by our team who has lived, worked, and traveled in Belize for over 25 years. Minimize the hours of guess work, unknowns, and possible disappointments, and Choose Belize. We have an open chat module to answer any of your questions or manage your chosen vacation agenda, which you will find in your member portal.

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