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About us

About us

Our team has lived, worked, and traveled in Belize for over 25 years.

During the past 20 years, the move from retail travel outlets to online booking agencies has eliminated much of the personal contact. Today, it is not easy to get honest third-party information. There are review sites such as TripAdvisor. However, they are not always informative enough or completely accurate.  A fantastic vacation is more likely, if the person chooses the right vacation for their needs.

However, if a person is not given accurate information prior to the booking and chooses wrongly, they will likely be disappointed.

Most vacationers need to do their own research about the area. They need to search information about restaurants, bars, tour operators and other attractions. 

We recognized a gap in the vacation market! We want to ensure that our vacationers and members minimize hours of guess work, unknowns, and possible disappointments and choose the best possible Belize vacation for their needs. 

Polly, Dwayne and Jennifer formed Choose Belize on a napkin while dining in a small wine bar in Placencia!

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Mission Statement


Provide the information and services to enable guests to create a perfect Belize vacation, based on their individual desires and interests. Carefully selecting the best resorts, properties and experiences that match our core values and strict criteria.


Universally recognized as THE booking site for customized Belize holidays. Guests to consistently use and recommend Choose Belize every time they book a Belize vacation. Create a reputation with Belize resorts, properties and tour operators as an essential platform for them to be listed.


Providing a quality service.
Sustainable practices.
Go the extra mile.

Polly Alford

Polly emigrated from the UK to Belize in January 2004. From 2004 until 2016, she founded and managed a marine conservation company, Reef Conservation International in southern Belize. In 2012, she launched Blue Reef Adventures, a fishing and scuba diving operation. She has also managed luxury island and jungle resorts. She lives in the beautiful Placencia peninsula with her 2 girls. She is a Belizean citizen and loves the country which she now calls home.

Jennifer Carney

Jennifer hales from Texas. She started coming to Belize 5 years ago, and fell in love with the country and its people. Jennifer's favorite things to do in Belize is to snorkel and fish. She also loves exploring Mayan ruins and Belizean cultures. Those activities have led to the partnership with Choose Belize and wanting to share Belize with other travelers. 

Dwayne Hoving

Dwayne started coming to Belize in the early 2000's. He loved the country so much, that he built a holiday home in the tranquil beach village of Hopkins. He's an avid fisherman. He loves fly-fishing and deep-sea fishing. During 2016, Dwayne formed a strong relationship with Blue Reef Adventures, and has since and joined them for many fishing trips and tournaments.