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Remember the retail travel outlets? An actual person would talk to you about your travel requirements. We have gone one step further. Our team has over 25 years of experience living and working in Belize. We will talk to you about your dream Belize vacation, we will listen to your wants and needs, and we will use the latest technology to ensure you have an incredible vacation.

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“I strongly recommend Choose Belize as a must-use resource when planning a vacation in this beautiful country. A few years ago, I did my own research and selected a property that looked great on the website, and I made commitments to activities and excursions that were of interest to me. On arrival, things were not as promised and I was very disappointed.

Since then, I take advantage of the expert advice and counsel offered by Choose Belize. Because they take the time to get to know me and my needs and interests, they are able to suggest the perfect itinerary every time.

It is the only way to ensure a great stay in Belize. Enjoy!” Katie Abby – stayed at Chabil Mar April 2021.

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