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Concierge Services

We know that it can be daunting and time consuming to research and arrange the details of your trip. Once you have booked your dream vacation, the Choose Belize team will ensure that there is someone available 24/7, to guide you throughout the entire process. We have a team based in-country with extensive knowledge of Belize. We will ensure you are aware of the latest happenings, what’s hot and the best local tours and attractions.


All of our guests will receive an Intensive pre-departure pack to include:

  • Pack list
  • Airport entry requirements – passports, visas and vaccinations.
  • Health and safety information – including Covid-19 entry requirements.
  • Money and exchange.
  • Communication with home.
  • Advice on local people and cultures, including gratuity protocols.
  • Insurance options – we will advise and help you book your travel insurance including scuba diving and activity insurance.
  • Internal travel - flights, helicopter, shuttles, car hire, limousines and boats.
  • If you have booked a customized trip, we will ensure that all of your transfers are arranged in advance.
  • Tours and activities – advice and bookings. We work with the best tour operators and guides.
  • What’s happening while you are in Belize – festivals such as lobsterfest, the Placencia sidewalk arts festival and the chocolate festival. Seasonal attractions such as whale sharks, what foods are in season and much more.
  • Real estate – who to work with and advice on the Belize districts.

Upon arrival in Belize

A Choose Belize representative will be available 24/7 via text, telephone, WhatsApp and email.

Upon arrival in Belize, and after you have cleared customs there will be a Choose Belize representative to meet you and guide you to the next stage, whether it be Tropic Air, helicopter, shuttle vehicle, limousine or car hire.

Choose Belize will communicate with your place of stay, to ensure that they are informed of your arrival times or if there are any delays or cancellations.

If you have any delays with your international flights, don’t worry we will be there to rearrange your internal travel and ensure we communicate with your place of stay.

During your stay

A Choose Belize representative will be available 24/7 via text, telephone, WhatsApp and email.

We will be there to help advise you and arrange local tours and attractions. We work with the best tour operators and guides.

Advice on local restaurants, bars, souvenir shops and other attractions.

We will arrange your Covid-19 exit tests.

We will reconfirm internal travel from your place of stay back to the international airport.

Our airport representative will be there to meet you, and guide you through the airport process.

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